Game On: Gaming Etiquettes at the Restaurant’s Upper Floor

There’s a unique charm about restaurants with gaming areas, offering patrons a chance to relax and engage in friendly competition, all while enjoying delicious food and beverages. On the upper floor of our restaurant, guests can play a variety of games including darts, pool, skee ball, pinball, driving games, and poker. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, we’ve compiled a list of gaming manners to keep in mind.

Share the Space

Keep in mind that the gaming area is a shared space. Ensure that you’re not occupying a game for too long, especially if there are others waiting. If there’s a queue, consider implementing a “winner stays on” rule for one-on-one games like darts or pool.

Share the Space

Take Care of the Games

Treat the games and equipment with respect. Avoid rough handling that could potentially damage them. After you’re done playing, ensure the gaming area is left tidy and ready for the next players. This is especially relevant for games with multiple components like skee ball or pinball.

Poker cards are easily broken and wrinkled, so please be more careful. Please note that this site introduces the rules of various games that can be played with poker cards

Play Fairly

While it’s natural to get competitive, remember that these games are for fun and entertainment. Keep the competition friendly, play fairly, and respect the rules of each game. For games like poker, ensure all players understand the rules before starting.


Be Conscious of Noise Levels

While a little cheering and playful banter are part of the gaming fun, be mindful of your noise levels so as not to disrupt other patrons in the restaurant. This is particularly crucial for high-excitement games like driving games or darts.

Consider Safety

Safety should be your utmost priority. When playing darts or pool, be cautious not to hurt anyone around you. If children are present, ensure they are supervised, particularly around games like pool or pinball that involve heavier equipment.

Our upper floor gaming area offers a variety of entertaining options that can make your dining experience more enjoyable. However, it’s essential to play with respect for the games, other players, and the restaurant environment. By adhering to these gaming manners, you can ensure a fun, fair, and safe gaming experience for everyone. Game on!